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Working America's Storyteller

Guide to this website

One of the first things I need to tell you is that you can join this web community of people who love storytelling. Sign up and I will give you access to the rest of the site. Then you can join the discussions in the forum, chat with me and other users, write a story, make comments and visit all the parts and pieces of this website. There are videos and commentary to make you laugh and it is all in an effort to help people to tell and appreciate stories. And it is a blatant effort to get myself hired out as the storyteller of choice for your next get together. So welcome, poke around a little, join if you like and by all means have fun.

Buck's Artistic Mission Statement

"I am a weaver of words since 14 years old, telling stories at Slim's Barbershop, while I shined shoes and made folks laugh."

Buck P. Creacy is a humorist and a storyteller and he uses humor to make life better for his audience. It was while shining shoes at the barber shop, he realized he could shine more shoes if his customers were laughing.

"I love the connection I enjoy with my audience and their own imaginations."

An “honest to God” humorist, Buck shares both wit and wisdom with children and the international corporate world alike.

"I love drawing their faces and hearts into the story, my world; our world's oldest art."